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Maxwood Washrooms

Safety versus style in the washroom

The evolution of washroom design.

The significance of washroom design has increased enormously in recent years. Where once they were necessary but under-considered spaces within our buildings, washrooms today offer opportunities for architects and designers to establish the tone of entire projects.

But has the understandable drive to ever-higher quality and comfort led to one important facet of any design scheme being sidelined? For too long, compliance with Doc-M’s guidance on emergency access has been hard to achieve simultaneously with high-end aesthetics. In our latest white paper, we discuss how complying to safety regulations shouldn’t mean trading in beauty for function, and why there’s now no excuse for compromise.








Introducing Movana.

Pure style. Perfect safety.
The full-height cubicle system that complies with Doc-M.

Join us at the launch event on 3 December.