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Maxwood Washrooms

The importance of project mock-ups

When developing a highly bespoke or large-scale washroom, there’s only one way to truly experience the aesthetics and functionality before committing to a final design; project mock-ups.


Up-front investment of this nature gives you peace of mind that the scheme will deliver the optimum version of your design to suit each user. During the mock-up phase, it is important to test acoustics, spatial functionality and structural soundness, as well as the quality of the finishes. Moreover, it is even more critical to allow enough time in the programme for amendments to be made to the initial design, to ensure that any refinements really do deliver the intended result. These schemes often pay for themselves very quickly, as spending time creating the perfect user experience can improve ‘lettability’ and rental values in the long run.

At Maxwood, we have many years’ experience in this area of operations and regularly offer the use of our Clerkenwell showroom as a space for project mock-ups. From crafting the washroom joinery through to coordinating plumbing fixtures and illumination options, we take ownership of this level of detail and that allows us find creative and efficient solutions to each challenge.

Some of Maxwood’s most successful schemes are the result of detailed mock-ups. Mock-ups are instrumental to creating reliable solutions that prioritise quality and installation longevity. Below are some images of the development stages and the finished result of three prestigious London projects; 40 Chancery Lane, 4 Pancras Square and 45 Cannon Street.

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