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Maxwood Washrooms

Our environmental responsibilities

At Maxwood, we count appropriate care for the environment as a key priority. Our environmental policy statement sets out our overall commitment, and separate detailed policies outline how we demonstrate that commitment in day-to-day business.

Maxwood is one of only three known manufacturers in the UK to have moved away from the traditional toxic and damaging method of adhering laminate, showing our concern for human and environmental welfare. Using alternative glue to the common formaldehyde-based adhesive, Maxwood represents a source for safe, harmless washroom supply.

Maxwood Environmental Policy Statement

Maxwood recognises and respects the importance of the earth’s environment, and the need to conserve the finite resources of our planet, and operates to a self-imposed set of policies that reflect this concern.

Maxwood meets, and where possible exceeds, the environmental standards set down by law, and takes consideration of issues raised in further legislation.

Recognising the need for continual improvement in the face of changing environmental issues and considerations, Maxwood is committed to the ongoing development of systems and procedures that ensure protection of the environment through conservation of resources and minimisation of pollution.

Maxwood’s environmental policies, which can be viewed separately, are organised into four key areas as follows:

  • Sourcing of materials
  • Operations during manufacture
  • Avoiding a common pollutant, Formaldehyde
  • Recycling of waste material

Download our Resposible Approach document